Looking at our engagement photos, I always want to chuckle! I look so cool, calm, collected, and thoroughly in love. The truth could not be farther away. That day was awful! It started when the air conditioning in my fiance’s car died on the way to take pictures, and it was a hot day, so even though we were not in the car very long, we were already covered in sweat by the time we reached the picture place. The heat and lack of air conditioning made us quite cross. My fiance made a remark about my hair looking odd, and I snapped at him because it was his fault for not getting the a/c checked. Then, he was upset with me for blaming him for something out of his control! It was a giant mess, and during the whole photoshoot, we were mad at each other, and the weather was just getting hotter and hotter. We just knew that the ride back without a/c was going to be even worse. Finally, we got done with the pictures and headed into a restaurant to get a bite to eat. The restaurant’s air conditioning felt so good! As we cooled off and got some food, our tempers calmed as well, and we apologized to each other for being so cranky. After dinner, we examined our pictures. We were dreading seeing them, because between the lack of air conditioning, the heat, and our bad tempers, we were sure that the pictures were going to be awful. Somehow, by some miracle, we looked happy and in love in all of the pictures!

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