When I was young I wanted to be a cowboy or an astronaut. As I got a little bit older I wanted to be a lawyer or an actor, but then after that I wanted to become a doctor and a instructor. Eventually I got to a point where I wanted something more down-to-earth, but I wanted to work in a field that consisted of a more practical application. I decided to begin researching trade skills that would be something that everyone needs and would provide me steady work.  I did not want to work with wood or metal, or any job that involved building anything. I also did not want to deal with crap and become a plumber, no pun intended. I still wanted to have a skill that could be useful to everybody around us. Then one day I was speaking to my brother on the phone and he mentioned the job opportunities in the HVAC industry. He had recently had his system repaired and the technician said that his company was trying to find new employees. He said that there was a shortage of qualified technicians these days.  I would love to become a home heating and cooling professional. This is something that we all have in our homes that needs to be maintained on an annual basis. The current technology is becoming more advanced, there will be more of a need for skilled professionals in the field. I began training for my certification that following month and I should complete the courses in the next year. I am enrolled in the fast track program so that I can begin working sooner. Becoming a licensed Professional Heating and Air Conditioning contractor will provide me a lucrative career and I am looking forward to the job.

HVAC professional