When I found out that I was expecting yet another child, I was at a total loss trying to figure out where to fit him in! Our current condo has only small bedrooms… One is currently being used as a dentistry, and the other houses bunk beds for our oldest children. The bedrooms are all small, so there is really no extra space for another bed. We had planned to wait another year before having another kiddo, so that all of us could save up for a down payment. Unfortunately, this was not to be. We had to make a decision and make it suddenly. We decided we needed to start condo hunting. My wife and I sat down together to make a concise list of the things all of us needed in a house. The first thing I added was great a Heating and A/C. We both laughed a little at this because all of us knew that all the people really did not supply too much thought to Heating and A/C. In this current house, though, all of us have suffered for years from inefficient, outdated Heating and A/C. Our current air conditioner barely works, and in the summertime, it is very difficult to fall asleep because of how stuffy  all of the rooms are. Also, the circulation and ventilation are not working well, either. Some rooms in the condo have multiple air conditioner and heating vents, while others do not have enough. Our electric bills are always very high, but all of us do not get a great Heating and A/C system to make them worthwhile! We have called out multiple Heating and A/C companies to try to deal with all of the complications, but the expense is just not worth it. All in all, all of us would love for our new house to have usual Heating and A/C.

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