Living in the northeast I quickly found it never achieve the level of heat as in the south even in the summer being a different kind of heat. Our highest temperature was usually in the 70s and that was for the whole summer long.  But each year that passed by, it seemed to be a bit warmer and there was more humidity to deal with than we were used to the prior year. I had always had a window box A/C unit or fans to cool down more specific rooms a bit. One for the master bedroom because you have to be comfortable to sleep in order to function well the next day, and then a single in the kitchen to make life more comfortable while cooking all day for a big family. This year I decided to get above my game and install them early one, when normally I would wait until we were suffering from the unbearable heat.  It was not a fun job to do in the least whether summer or winter. For, then the time came in the fall when they would have to be uninstalled and returned to storage for the winter months and kept safe. Just to have the whole thing repeated again the next year over and over. I found it was getting old Finally, a single springtime came and my husband was finally open to the idea of changing out our entire system to central air. He was more than satisfied and so the family called a local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C business to come out and supply us some options. Before the people I was with and I knew it the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C crew come out for an assessment and started to work installing our new central cooling system unit within the week.  The proposal included a wonderful add on to our furnace unit so that the same air ducts could be used for cool air as were used for hot air in the winter to make things more simple. They also had to install a compressor unit outside the house which was used to pull fresh air into the proposal and cool it before pushing it out all the air vents. This helps tremendously with fresher air On the first really hot humid afternoon after the people I was with and I had the central air installed, I was really satisfied to guess the cool air coming from the air ducts. It was so comfortable in the whole house. From that point on no would have to huddle in the kitchen or kitchen just to stay cool. Central air was a really nice choice.

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