One of the single most terrifying moments in my entire life was when I happened to look down and see that my engagement ring was missing. That sinking feeling in my stomach I will never forget. At that point, I had only been engaged to my fiance for a few weeks, and I knew that my fiance had spent a long while saving up money for that ring. Normally, I am a very responsible person, but somehow, I had let that ring fall off my finger and roll off somewhere without my realizing it. I spent the next 3 hours retracing all my steps. I checked in my bed, in the shower, in my car, in my desk, in the study room, the sink, in the laundry room, every possible place I could think of. Finally, I remembered that I had just bought some current air filters for my air conditioner unit. I checked behind the air filters, and still I saw nothing. Then, I thought to check in the closet where I keep all of the other air filters. Still I saw nothing! Finally, I checked in the packaging that the air filters had come wrapped in. Bingo! There was something sparkly. It was my engagement ring. I was so ecstatic that I had found the ring and that it had not gotten lost in the trash bin or ductwork or somewhere I would not have found it. I finally told my fiance what had happened, after I had already found the engagement ring in the air filters bag, of course, and she then took me right away to get the ring sized again. I made sure my ring stayed on after that!