I am getting ready for a week of getting away to the beach. I know that it isn’t summer, so we’ll have the beach pretty much to ourselves.  You can’t understand how lovely the waves are in the early Springtime. The ocean is almost grey in color and the white caps look like snow on the top of the mountains. I sit in the window and watch the water, and I usually start to shiver. I don’t shiver because I am cold, because there is an amazing HVAC system in the room we always get, I just shiver at the sheer awesomeness of nature. I enjoy walking on the boardwalk. Even with the wind blowing, and the icy rain falling from the sky, you don’t have a chance to get cold.  There are portable patio heaters ever ten to fifteen feet. You would be amazed at how many tourists sit under those heaters so they can have their pictures taken. You would think they had never seen patio heaters being used to keep the tourists warm. Well, I know I hadn’t until we were at the beach in March, last year. We still wanted to get in from the rain and the wind to get the warmth of the Heating and A/C in our room. We have to go out, even if only for a couple of minutes. It is the only way to appreciate everything that is lovely in our world.  The ocean, the white caps, and the smell of the salty breeze, while the sting of the rain, wakes up your skin.

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