A few days ago I moved to a newer city for a job switch.  I like my new task, however what I do is work as a school educator in an attractive school district.  I work with students that cannot speak English from grades K through 5th grade. I have a small space where I work with small teams of children. It is a much better position than being a working educator because I am only in charge of a few students at a time as well as this gives me many breaks throughout the day.  However, my main office is honestly small so it can get honestly warm some mornings. There is a big heater in the office, so it warms up the room honestly hastily. On some days, it is unbearable. I never seal the door because it makes it even hotter. This allows the school noise to travel into our room as well as motivate the students.  My students happen to be uncomfortable too. The hot as well as cold amounts are even more unbearable when I have an office contained with four or more than four students. The body heat allows the temperature rise. The only good times I have is if I go outside for a brief walk. I can’t regularly do this due to the day is pretty packed with back to back little group sessions.  Because of these very hot as well as cold temperatures, I put on clothes lightly to avoid being uncomfortable. This does not really help all the time. I am considering putting money in a small, powerful fan. I hope this will allow some good times as well as add more to the circulation in our small office.

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