I’ve had multiple part time jobs all throughout our life as well as one of our very best part time jobs that I ever had was at an ice cream shop. I legitimately cared so much about finally working at an ice cream shop because I always loved the dessert more than any other food and because it adds spice to our life. I also task at a Tim Hortons Latte shop, so I can get free coffee to go with my free ice cream. That is also entertaining. The only downside that I’ve found to finally working at a little ice cream shop is that your wrist will usually begin to strain and hurt from all the scooping as well as you’ll likely throw up at the odor of milk at the end of the day. Things are usually pretty easy and uneventful at the parlor, but recently while I was finally working the temperature kept rising all afternoon. The ice cream was getting runny, as well as I kept turning down the temperature control separate from even thinking about it. I eventually caught on that something definitely was wrong with our Heating & Air Conditioning method in the building and asked our boss about it. Luckily, the freezer in the back which held all of the ice cream was nice and cold and we did eventually finish the day.  The next day someone came to service the Heating & Air Conditioning system, but the funniest thing happened when they left; all of our ice cream disappeared. They told us that the dessert was melting and they tried to help out by throwing it away, but I think it’s awfully suspicious that all of our toppings disappeared, as well.

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