One of our best friends family has quite the story when it comes to the long, scary adventure of their initial attempt at condo building.  It started when our friend was around 5 years old and her parents decided to build their custom condo on a local golf course. All the planning took about 5 years, so when it was finally completed they couldn’t wait another moment to transport all of their stuff in & get themselves settled.  One afternoon our friend was carefully unpacking the bedroom & apparently her mom had left a box on the stove downstairs. Somehow the stovetop had gotten turned on & it started a large fire downstairs. The fire grew so quickly that the family ran outside and called the fire department to try to handle the blaze.  Unfortunately, their apartment fully burned to the ground. All that work was gone! Not only did they lose their stuff, but they had lost their brand new HVAC device! This was not covered in their insurance, & was sincerely expensive when they bought the equipment and had it professionally installed. They wound up spending over two months living in a hotel as they waited for a new home. Luckily, they had a friend that worked for the local HVAC supplier and was willing to help them out, given their circumstances.  After the new house was finally put up for the second time, they ended up getting an even better HVAC device than they had bought in the first place for free!

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