I really enjoy doing my job. I savor going to my work office each morning and afternoon in my nice clothes and getting down to business. I occasionally sacrifice function for form when it comes to my clothing choices, usually it’s not a problem for me, even in freezing cold and snowy weather. I am only outside briefly, and run from the cab to the door… One afternoon I came into the office to find that the Heating & A/C in my office was totally malfunctioning. Apparently the thermostat had stopped working hours earlier and the heating plan wouldn’t even turn on at this point. A few other offices were having the same problem, and the heating and cooling service crews were really working to resolve the pending issue with the Heating & A/C system. Trying to be helpful, I called their main office, just to make sure they were aware that our office was also affected by the HVAC failure. The technician I spoke to said he was already on site and they were really working on the problem. I reiterated that I simply had wanted to make sure they had all the information for the HVAC repair. That’s when the guy on the iPhone went off on me. He loudly started telling me that they had already heard that my office’s Heating & A/C was fully affected because that was an integral section of his usual task. He screamed at me, saying I was being disrespectful. Well, at that point I hung up the iPhone and sat back down on my desk. I saw the guy later in the day, and made sure to comment on his inappropriate behavior right in front of his boss. We all froze the rest of the afternoon. But I was especially cold.

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