There are only a few technologies that I’m waiting eagerly for. I guess we’ve made amazing strides in many areas of new technology, but I recognize that it hasn’t entirely  caught up with the field of clothing and apparel yet. For instance, I’m quite sure that soon we’ll have speakers installed right in our jackets rather than wearing head-mounted cellphones to make a hands free cell phone call. I also suppose that soon enough all of us will have the innate ability to put miniature heating as well as cooling units right inside our clothing. Think about it, how small does a heating equipment entirely feel the need to be? I bet all of us can make heating systems smaller as well as much more safe as technology progresses, as well as after a few decades they can downsize from the current sizes of traditional heating systems to something ATM card-sized. This tiny oil furnace could be implanted right into the inner lining of a warm Winter jacket as well as to eliminate the need for so more than 2 additional pieces of clothing. It could also serve as a legitimate protection against the Winter frigid for those unfortunate people who don’t have a house. They have nowhere in which to set up a new gas furnace, but they really have a jacket to stay warm. If all of us could simply use an article of clothing to provide warm, even temperature control, it would be immense strides for community as well as world health. The same can be said for tiny cooling implements. It would allow people to stay cool as well as comfortable even in the most dangerously high temperatures. I suppose these high tech clothing innovations could revolutionize the modern Heating as well as Air Conditioning industry, create a current commercial clothing industry, as well as improve living conditions around the world.

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