It is now the month of May, my favorite month of the year. It is the season of Springtime and May Day.  It is most beautiful time that of year, especially here in the south where I live half of the season. All around, the azaleas are starting to bloom as well as the squirrels are getting feisty for the spring parade. The best thing about this time of year, in my humble opinion is the truth that I do not need to use the A/C or the furnace for even a little while at a time, for it is so mello. In the south, the energy bills are high throughout the middle of the summer because the A/C is an absolute necessity. It you live in the south, you are smart about your AC units. So come Spring, you are sure to get it serviced for the usage to come. It is unquestionably springtime right now and during the morning start of the day at the office we run our a/c. When I get home later that night, though, I don’t find that I need to run the a/c all that frequently, for I like a break. This is the time of year when I don’t spend as much on utilities as I do at other times of the year when there is no choice involved. Also, it is time to call up the Heating as well as A/C contractor as well as schedule maintenance checks just to make sure that the heating or cooling method is operating correctly. It is our goal for our a/c to be efficient at all times,  as well as a lot of homeowners in our suburb will purchase Heating as well as A/C tune-up repair plans. With those types of plans, homeowners are given priority if some Heating as well as A/C component fails as well as needs to be updated in the middle of an emergency. Also, the two of us get either one or two complimentary Heating as well as A/C tune-ups throughout the year, but springtime is when I use mine because the A/C is on our mind more than most.

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