When my father died last year, my mother decided to move her life down south.  Really, she has exhausted her stay living for so long in the snow and it was time for her to embrace the sunshine.  My siblings and I found her a small apartment not from us, so we could keep an eye on her. Before you knew it, she was settled in and glad.  One morning I got a call from her not long after moved in and asked me to come over to help her consider getting a new air conditioner since it was so warm.   I knew that her apartment did not come with central air just numerous window units to cool the whole space as needed. Over a cup of coffee at her kitchen table, I talked to her all about the different cooling system units.  She wanted to switch to a central air unit she read about online, as the window units were a bit unsightly to look at daily and made a lot of noise when they were on. I told her that it was possible to make the switch over, but it might cost quite a bit of her savings.  She just giggled and said “Well you can’t take if with you.” I smiled at her free nature and agreed. I called a local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C business and they came out to mom’s apartment the next week and explained a couple different types of cooling systems, she picked a cooling system that would do a nice job cooling her specific area of house and yet be really energy efficient to save her money.  There had never been central air in this house before her so the replacement by the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C business took a couple afternoons to install, as they had to change out air ducts and the compressor unit outside to keep the air flowing balanced. The unit attached right to her current furnace and could be controlled by a new control unit on the wall very easily. On a really hot afternoon a few weeks later, I called my mother to see how she liked here new cooling system unit in the heatwave.  She said it was lovely. The apartment was all a single temperature and it was so comfortable.

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