For the life of my I can’t figure out why people choose to live in this Town! I mean, the surrounding area is pretty, but not great, the attractions are minimal, the general population is not very friendly. Topping all of that, the weather is usually awful. Don’t even get me started on the school system which is completely abysmal. Unfortunately, education on a whole, through the country has declined in the quality that our kids receive. I personally think that the school systems are set up to fail and that there is a serious flaw in education.  But either way, there isn’t too much of the public education system that is working these days. On top of this, the terrible the weather conditions make living here quite unbearable most of the year. It’s really hot and humid in the summer, requiring use of the air conditioner. It’s also dangerously freezing in the winter, which requires us to use the furnace for almost six months straight. Unfortunately we never have a middle ground where there is simply a comfortable season. Due to the extreme conditions we are almost always in need of our HVAC system being used and this makes for high energy costs throughout the entire year/  Just once, I would like to have a few weeks between the hot and freezing where we could just comfortably open the windows of my house. It doesn’t seem like that is going to be the case anytime soon. I have applied to several jobs in other locations because I feel that it is time for a change. Hopefully I get one of them and my family and I can get a fresh start.

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