I grew up on my family’s vineyard for my entire life. I’ve actually never lived anywhere besides that piece of property. When I became an adult, I got less involved with the business over time. It’s been numerous years now, and I basically have nothing to do with the vineyard. I actually savor being inside, away from grapes, and I especially hate checking the wine for quality! I am incredibly lucky that I got involved in another business outside of the family, because I didn’t have to worry about keeping the operation running from the ground up. The only problem is, at the old vineyard there was already a apartment on the property. Now I don’t have a place to live, and I need to build a new apartment for me to live in! I’m really feeling quite gleeful to put my footprint in some unclaimed mud where my ancestors haven’t ever walked. Of course, now I’m being paid less than my family afforded me, so I have to worry about my budget. I guess there’s a lot that goes into building an entire house, and that the budget can get out of control quickly. Such was the case with the central heating and cooling plan for the new house. When I was researching my new temperature control system, I walked into the showroom and was immediately drawn right over to a certain Heating & A/C plan. After heating how energy efficient and low maintenance it was, it turned out to be crazy over budget. I was disappointed, because really I wanted this HVAC system. I knew my family would have bought it for me if I was still working for them. In the end, I went for a less costly temperature control system. I did have to compromise on some of the heating and cooling features that I wanted, just to keep my stupid budget on track.

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