When I was in my teens, I hated cleaning chores.  My Dad would regularly make me help him do chores around the townhouse as well as that genuinely included doing some deep cleaning in all of the rooms every once in awhile.  I would regularly have to deep vacuum, help clean up the living room walls, clean my room as well as all of the bathrooms, with a myriad of other jobs that were pretty horrible at the time.  The one thing I hated the most though was dusting anything and everything. It seemed like our home was regularly dusty, to point where I didn’t understand where it was all coming from or how it came back so fast.  Fast forward to my life now, I am completely anal about all of my cleaning habits with keeping dust off of everything all of its own. At least once a week I am dusting off everything repetitively. So, I gave a call to our local Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C company to have someone come out as well as do a major air duct cleaning and inspect thoroughly all the other air filters to see if anything was out of the ordinary at the moment.  When the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C serviceman came to the door she proceeded to immediately open up the air ducts. It didn’t take long to see she knew there was the issue was. It was obvious that the previous owners had never had their air ducts washed out as well as there was an ungodly amount of dust build up inside the walls. This would easily explain why our air filters were regularly clogging up so suddenly and often! So, after a few hours of flushing out the air ducts with her powerful tools as well as other filters around the house, she assured me that I would only have to change my air filters once a week now.  I was so very grateful to hear that because I had spending a fortune on air filters for the past year!

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