The litter of kittens I’m fostering have gotten large enough that they want to be able to explore outside of their cage, and so I’ve given them free rein of our spare kitchen. Both this, and the fact that they’re eating more and more food, primarily a mixture of formula and canned food I call kitten gruel, has resulted in some messy situations. Some of the kittens have decided the best venue to eat their gruel is resting in the middle of it! They get wet and messy by doing this, and I have to scrub the up to prevent them from getting sick. They don’t appreciate bath time, but it’s for their own goods. Afterwards, towel drying isn’t enough for kittens, but while it helps to make it so they aren’t dripping wet, they are too small to walk around with wet fur, my solution to this concern was to take our portable heating system and set it up in the bathroom with them. It provides heating while they’re bathing, so they don’t get too freezing while wet, and resting in front of the heating system keeps them warm and helps them to dry faster. I much appreciate using the heating system than having to manually dry them off with something appreciate a hair dryer, and a portable heating system helps to reassure me that they’re staying warm, something than a fan alternative wouldn’t do! Once they’re nice and dry, I can let them back into the spare kitchen again to run around and play.I just appreciate to rest in there and watch them; they are just so cute, especially after they’ve been bathed when their fur gets extra fluffy after being dried by the heater.

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