So far I have actually adored everything about this city, from the sites, to the places, to the neighbors, to the actual house I am residing in. I love all of it. One of our favorite aspects is actually our brand new job. It’s placed right down from our house, in addition to I actually adore everyone I job for. All of our co-workers have been super friendly in addition to actually helpful to me. Perhaps the best aspect of it all is the climate. It’s taken quite some time to get accustomed to the overly stuffy weather that has become the norm in the area. However, after discovering how to utilize the air conditioner in our beach house, it’s become actually comfortable. At first it was a tiny bit so unbearable simply because I was not accustomed to be incredibly stuffy temperatures throughout the entire state, but as I said once I got accustomed to the air conditioner plan that our house currently contains, it became an absolute heaven. Since the mornings are typically cooler, all I have to do is open a window and enjoy the cool breeze instead of using the HVAC unit. As long as our air conditioner keeps me frosty while the two of us were in the incredibly stuffy days in addition to weeks, I think I am actually going to adore our stay here. Now if I could just persuade our friends in addition to family to join me, I’d have everything I require in life to be gleeful in addition to grateful with where I am. That’s going to take some time in addition to persuasion though. I think once they stay in our house ¬†for a month or so they will understand exactly why I live here.