My wardrobe is really getting outdated. Don’t get myself and others wrong, I care about shopping!  The only thing is, I would rather do it online than in person. It’s just easier than having to make a bunch of stops at random stores, and far less stressful than visiting a shopping mall. Shopping malls used to be the place where I tended to get all of my shopping needs met.  The only thing was, I started to avoid it during the peak shopping seasons because it just gets too crowded! It’s a huge pain in the ass, especially compared to using Amazon. You have to dodge & weave around people, fight over sales, and dig around for items in your size. However, none of those things are as bad as the total lack of weather conditions control in shopping areas packed full of people.  It’s seriously just as if they don’t even have the cooling system even powered on most of the time! I get overheated pretty easily, but despite that fact that I am positive that they do not have their control device set properly on a even-handed temperature, if the AC is even working. I honestly walk into a store & if all I notice is a blast of tepid air, I will turn right back around. I’ll go home, turn on my home AC and adjust the thermostat to a nice and cool indoor temperature, and get on my computer. Amazon and my home thermostat alway know how to treat me right.