I feel the best method to deal with snowy afternoons is to stay in your condo! I do not care for chilly weather, plus snow makes it so difficult to drive around! When the snow begins to fall, I consistently lock myself in my room plus adjust the heater, and this happened just last month. Usually, I find pleasure in these days. However, last month was not as fun because I woke up to learn that my oil furnace wasn’t now running. I notified the Heating plus Air Conditioning mechanic to plan a fixing appointment. However, they were so busy that they told myself and others they wouldn’t be able to show up for a few weeks. I knew the only way to keep sizzling would be to use either my kerosene heater or my fireplace. I choose to use the fireplace during the morning to save money on the bills, plus during the evening I used my kerosene heater in the bedroom. In the end, it wasn’t the best few days I have had, but I made it all run well! Now that the oil furnace is working again, I feel that I have a much greater appreciation for being able to go to the living room thermostat plus modify the temperature with the flip of a switch, but still, even if I had had to stay inside with the blankets pulled over myself and others all morning, it would have been more wonderful than being outside in the ice and snow. I’m just not meant for this chilly, frosty weather. Maybe I should consider relocating somewhere toastier soon. In fact, I feel that I might begin making plans to do that soon. I have heard the the West Coast is generally pretty mild.

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