My Grandmother passed away two years ago, however it was a disappointing blow to our entire family and the devastation was felt immensely by pretty much everyone in the family. Not the least of which was our Grandpa who lost his loving partner of over fifty years. I felt so exhausting seeing his face at the funeral. But he has been able to move on a lot easier than I thought he would have been. It’s been almost a year since his wifey left him. The other day he called me and told me that he was having difficulties with her furnace, then he confessed his eyesight has been very bad often times he would simply have his wifey adjust the temperature control for him. He’d been living alone for a year and unable to read the degree of temperature on the temperature control. He’s been fumbling with the component hoping to eventually understand it, but he has been unable to. I felt so bad for him and I decided to get him a gift to make his life a little bit easier, so my sisters and I invested in a smart temperature control for his lake house so he could simply say aloud the temperature that he would like and it adjusts accordingly. He was not only incredibly grateful for our gift even though he was also blown away by the technology presently available at this point in time! At first he was against it but after having used it for a couple of nights he has absolutely fallen for the component as well as he prefers it now. It was so nice to see a smile on his face for the first time in a long time. It was also nice knowing that he confided within us one thing that he was having an issue with instead of hiding it.

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