I have a frequent routine that pretty much allows myself and others to be on track with things, but what is nice is that I have our climate control programmed they want I want it. What I need is the air conditioning system on at night in order to sleep well. When I get up, I want to keep the temperature at a couple of degrees, but then I get up, eat a meal, take a bath, plus then get ready for the job, then by the time I am prepared to head out the door at around the time I need to leave, I have our temperature control set to turn off the heating an air system. This way when I am away at the office, I’m not wasting all this time with a running HVAC plus no 1 occupying the house. I have our climate control set to shut back on right before I make it back lake apartment from the office. So by the time I get back to the house, our apartment is at the perfect amount that I want it at! I have heard men and women both say that I should just get a smart temperature control, but I really don’t think the have to. I mean it would be great to be able to make the changes to the temperature control wherever I seem to be, however it’s not necessary. I really really like the way I have our climate control programmed plus it works great for me, and maybe sometime in the near future, I will consider getting some nice updates however for the time being, I have the ideal daily routine! When I am back at the apartment for about an hour, I watch the TV shows on and then take it easy.

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