Occasionally I put things off for a very long time, and I think you could tell that I am something of a procrastinator, or actually you could say that I am a criminal procrastinator. I am sure there are some citizens that put things off longer than me. However, I am confident that there are not many. I just have numerous things that I wish to be doing in our life than the boring vitals. However, I never turn anything in late, and I am always finished on time. I still end up with quality conclusions that are actually commendable. Occasionally I will make an effort to begin things early, but I just get preoccupied & sidetracked by the several things I wish to be doing. I also task very well under pressure, so having that extra pressure of a deadline seems to aids me quite a bit. One major concern I recently had was being sure that our place was ready for a family relative to be going to see soon. I am rarely at my home, so I didn’t genuinely worry about needing to have our broken air conditioning serviced; however, since he’ll be coming to visit on the stuffiest month of the month, it’s crucial that the air conditioning labors thoroughly. I contacted a local heating & air conditioner professional to repair our program just the afternoon before he was to get here, and they were ready to get out that same afternoon to service our air conditioner unit. I was actually surprised, but didn’t want to be ashamed & not have a finally working A/C program for him to be relaxed in.