The other day, my wife and I were hanging out at the beach. It was a really hot day out, and it was pretty humid as well. I was a little disappointed because I told my wife to bring the sunscreen. Unfortunately, when I asked her for it, she looked and could not locate it. She apologized to me and said that she must have forgot it. She was saying it was strange because she swore that she brought it along with us. We still tried our best to enjoy our time on the beach. We even went into the water for a little while. After awhile, I felt like I was starting to burn so I said that we should be going. So we went back to the car and I immediately turned on the A/C. The A/C felt so great after being out in that scorching sun for so long. Before I pulled out of the parking area, my wife found the sunscreen on the floor of the car. She said that she must have dropped it before we walked out to the beach. I couldn’t believe it and I knew I was severely sunburned. When we got home, I really needed that air conditioning on full blast because I was starting to really feel the burn from my sunburns. It was really painful but at least that A/C was really comforting to me while I was in pain. I had my wife help rub aloe vera on my sunburns. To think, it could have been a perfect day if we just had the sunscreen.

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