Going on long walks is my number one athletic thing that I want to do in my spare time.  I find good times in finding new places to walk around and new mountains to hike up. Going on long walks in the warm season is a nice work out depending on where you are hiking and as long as it’s not too too hot.  Cassio and I have to travel quite a span to get to any kind of mountain for walking long distances. The real bumpy lands aren’t the most thrilling adventuring spots in the hiking community. One thing I have done not that long ago that I never had done prior to is ice hiking.  My man Cassio and I traveled to a place that I had wanted to go to for almost a month now, and it didn’t let me down. I was so happy there. What I didn’t think about though, was the fact that I really didn’t have nearly decent enough warm clothes for the whole portion of the trip.  I started to get real worried about how cold it might turn into, however I was assured that I would be doing just alright. At the end of our hike there would be a cottage with small oil and gas furnaces and also a big fireplace to warm us up after our long trek. Everything was going great until a couple hours out from the place to stop.  My toes started to go super cold and tingly and it was making it real hard to walk. Cassio and I finally made it though and I was able to stick my toes right nearby the gas fireplace for the rest of the night.

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