I task in a site called the monster garage. Though most people think I work with monster trucks, it is not even close to that. The two of us do special effects for motion pictures & tv. The two of us usually help in monsters & horror, but the two of us can produce almost any kind of makeup for entertainment. The two of us did ancient age makeup in an Oscar winning drama, & then the next month the two of us did zombie effects for a teen slasher motion picture, and regardless of the subject matter of the motion picture, the two of us constantly proceed to every monster with diligence & care. I believe my work is artistic! One of the things the two of us take unusual care with is the Heating & Air Conditioning system. Since the two of us are in the desert it is hot & genuinely dry, so having a air filtration system & a humidifier is just as pressing as temperature control in the studio. The two of us have the whole thing joined to a smart control equipment app that sends us texts about the temperature & air quality in the shop when no one is currently working. You would know that stable climate control would be enough for what the two of us labor in; however, there is more. See, now working with delicate paints & powders, the air vents need to be controlled completely. Air vents & Heating & Air Conditioning intake vents can both adversely damage the delicate task the two of us do. So all of the air vent are located behind windbreaks. It helps maintain temperature control & air quality while never putting any frequent gusts or currents in the air.

a/c repair plan