Lately, it has been incredibly nippy outside. It was nearing the anniversary for my wifey as well as I. I decided to hire a horse & carriage for that evening. I thought she would like to go for a romantic ride around the town. The carriage had been equipped with some portable electric heaters, so that was able to take some of the extreme chill away. To be honest though, it was still pretty nippy out there. TWe truthfully had a superb time though even though it was incredibly chilly outside. It was definitely cold enough for us to see our breath. After the ride, we ate at a pretty fancy restaurant. It was really nice because it was perfectly warm inside the establishment. We had a really pleasant supper as well as I couldn’t have hoped for the evening to have gone better than it actually did. Instead of taking a horse & carriage all the way back to our property, the two of us just got a taxi. The taxi sure had that heating system blasting, as well as that was a tad bit uncomfortable for us. It was genuinely too sizzling inside of that taxi. We were ecstatic when we were finally back at our property and we decided to stay outside for a little while to gaze at the stars. It really was truly a romantic evening as well as that horse & carriage ride was the grandest. I was thinking it would be alright to do that again one of these days, however my wifey really seemed to have a nice time. When the two of us finally went back inside, it was nice to feel the heat once again from our gas furnace. It definitely wasn’t too sizzling like that taxi, as well as really wasn’t too cold; it was absolutely just right!

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