I’m in the salon contractor and my parents were in this contractor before me.  When they retired I took over the contractor and the salon and all the equipment.  They were great about upgrading every couple years, so they didn’t leave me with a bunch of junk to try to use in this technologically savvy era.  What they failed to mention, though, was how much work and effort they put into the salon building! I only remember the appearance changes, something like adding new paint or residing the outer walls, but every year the Heating and A/C plan needs a lot of work to keep it running efficiently.  Now I’m studying that my dad changed the air filters every other month because with all the hair being split and tiny pieces of hair flying around, a broom just couldn’t handle all the fine pieces. He also changed the air filters to keep the air quality as wash and pure as possible. Being a salon, we also used a lot of hair products and decreasing the air filters kept the environment fresh and not smelling stale.  He would ask the Heating and A/C specialists to perform correct repair and wash out the duct work every year. I do remember that my dad would always wash out the flower beds around the salon and was careful not to block the compressors on the side of the building. I’m very ecstatic to be continuing my parent’s business here, but I have to call my dad up and be sure I’m not missing any of the annual chores for this Heating and A/C equipment!  I don’t want to be the 1 that ruins our building after all these years of hard work and sweat equity put into this family salon.

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