My wife and I had such a fun night last night. It was Valentine’s Day, and we decided to have some fun! Instead of the normal date of “dinner and dancing” we went on our favorite activity. That activity just happens to be hunting for collectibles. We both have a love for these particular collectibles, and it is so much fun to search for ones we haven’t gotten yet. After we got home, we noticed that our HVAC system was not working correctly. I heard this weird whirring type noise coming from the closet where we store the heating and cooling system. I also heard another weird noise coming from the ductwork. I got out my old, trusty flashlight and began to climb up my little step ladder. I wasn’t quite tall enough to reach the entrypoint of the ductwork without a ladder, so I had to retrieve it from the closet. Once I was able to shine a flashlight into the ductwork, I carefully looked around to see if I could find anything interesting. I was hoping to find a clue in the ductwork as to why the heating and cooling staten was making weird noises. It was around this time that I noticed the temperature was not at the right setting. It seemed like my furnace was not working at all! We had turned the furnace on before we went out, so we most likely needed to call a local heating and cooling system repair shop. I climbed down from the ladder, and called up the closest heating and cooling system repair shop that I could find.

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