Being roommates with a relative can make for some stressful times. When my cousin Josh lived with me last year, we were always in a constant battle over the temperature control. In the winter, he kept cranking the temperature up to over 75 degrees so that the furnace had to run almost constantly. The warm air pouring through the vents for the HVAC system felt good while it was freezing outside, however the cost to keep the home at that temperature was astronomical! And that’s not the only problem. During the summer, Josh was even worse at messing with the digital thermostat in the living room. He whined that it was too hot, so he’d turn the air conditioning system down to 65 and let it run all day. He even left the air conditioning system running when both of us weren’t going to be at home.The utility bills that I got in the mail during the time he was living there were just entirely ridiculous. I even thought about getting a single of those locking clear plastic boxes to put over the top of the temperature control to keep him out of it! He was family after all so I decided that I needed to be nice. I finally gave up and let him set the temperature to whatever he wanted it to be, but,  I made him pay the utility bills himself. That seemed to make a difference in the levels that the thermostat got set at – since the money was coming out of his pocket, he suddenly didn’t feel so warm in the summer or cold in the winter. It was a miracle!

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