Last year my best acquaintance of 20 years got a great job position abroad in Europe! I didn’t have time to congratulate her before she asked when I could come visit her. We were both especially happy and so I began planning a trip quickly. I decided to go in the Springtime, thinking maybe it wouldn’t be too overheated! When I arrived in her city, it was so charming and I couldn’t wait to start exploring, however first I needed to rest some. We went to her condo and thankfully she had a/c because the temperature outside was entirely scorching. I remedied jet lag with a long nap and a good night in. The next morning, we woke up completely covered in sweat. We discovered that the mini ductless equipment was leaking water and no longer was even cooling the air. We certainly didn’t know anything about how to repair this type of thing however luckily her acquaintance was incredibly handy. He took a look at it for us with a diagnosis that required us to call a professional. Unfortunately for us it was a Sunday, which in this small town, is a day of rest so no HVAC technicians were available until the next morning. We went to a cafe down the street for supper, while cooling off in their a/c and figuring out what should be done. We decided to stay at a hotel for the night so we wouldn’t have to suffer without the relief of the AC. A serviceman finally came out in the morning and came to find out, there was just a clog in the hose, which could have been handled by us. Although we were frustrated we wasted the time and money for a hotel room, we were glad it was nothing serious and the component was back in business within a few moments.

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