This story began as a humorous situation. My eldest youngster & I were enjoying a tv show, a horror show about a vampire who was also a competent cook. So the two of us attempted to cook a gourmet meal together using recipes we found online. And although it was a wreck & food was gross, it kicked off a modern bi-weekly event for our daddy-daughter dates. Though I thought it was fun, she really began to enjoy it. She started asking about going to culinary university after academy & studying to be a chef. I figured I should support her, so I furnished our kitchen with new appliances & some Heating & Air Conditioning substitutes to help. I had done some learning & discovered that having ideal temperature control & air quality in the kitchen was necessary for a young chef. Clean air quality allowed the learning chef to smell the foods as they cooked & made the whole process easier. And of course temperature control allowed the chef to relax and enjoy the environment. My youngster perceived the difference instantly, the air vents in the modern range hood helped make the room smell a lot better. The two of us had AC vents placed in registers along the baseboards to prevent heavy air flow and allow natural cooling. I sure desire that my kid would achieve her dreams to be a chef, but regardless how it turns out, I adore the modern Heating & Air Conditioning appliances that I purchased. They are great!

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