I am a huge sports fan and by far, my favorite one to watch is football.  This coming weekend is the biggest of them all, The Super Bowl. I love all the hype and smack talk that goes on for a week before the big game. I get so engrossed in the game stuff that I forget to watch the local news.  This became a big problem for me because I completely missed the weather forecast for the day before the big game. I was busy making my snacks to take to a party when I finally heard of he huge snowstorm that was expected to hit.  I groaned as I looked at the amount of snow we were going the have. I honestly wanted to go to this super bowl party, and I knew that if I did, I wouldn’t make it home. The roads would be impassable and there is always the threat of ice. Well, I had plenty of munchies so I watched all of the pre-game shows but then I realized it was getting a cold in the house.   I turned the thermostat up, however I didn’t hear the furnace kick on, and I knew I had a problem. I called the HVAC dealer, however no one wanted to come out because of the Super Bowl. I sat down and watched, as the temperature dropped slowly. When it reached fifty degrees, I called my friend and told them about my furnace. He said that if I could make it to his place I could stay there for the night. At least I’ll be able to watch the end of the game with someone else and I would be warm until I could get my HVAC system service to the following day.  I was actually able to watch the last 3 quarters and didn’t even think about my heating system for the rest of the night.

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