When my cousin Josh lived with me last year, we were constantly in a battle over the HVAC settings.  In the winter, he kept cranking the temperature up to over 70 degrees so that the oil furnace had to run non-stop. The hot air pouring through the heating vents felt great during that time, however, the cost to keep the home at that temperature was astronomical! This wasn’t the only time we fought over the thermostat. During the summer months, Josh was even worse at messing with the control unit in the bedroom. He complained constantly that it was too hot, so he’d turn the air conditioning down to 65 and let it run and run. He even left the unit running when we weren’t going to be at home. The amount of money that was wasted on climate control while he lived with me was crazy and really uncalled for.  I even thought about getting one of those locking clear plastic boxes to put over the top of the control unit to keep him out of it! I finally gave up plus let him set the temperature to whatever he wanted it to be, however I made him pay the energy bills himself. At least then it wasn’t affecting my wallet. That seemed to make a difference in the way he felt about the temperature in the house. He no longer ran the HVAC system non-stop no matter what time of year it was. He even started opening the windows to cool the house instead from time to time.

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