As a young man, I played in a band. We played mostly soul music and we had a great time doing it. For a few years, we were able to book shows in different cities around the country. We played in some pretty low-down locations at times. Dive bars weren’t uncommon, and I regularly had a hard time focusing on the music when the bars were too hot. Many of the places didn’t have great HVAC systems, so there wasn’t enough cool air circulating in the building. These were unkind reminders that we still hadn’t yet made it as a band.

                Playing in a area that wasn’t air conditioned was not enjoyable.. I so wanted to play is better arenas, but we had not yet  achieved that level of fame..Every one of us had a lot of fun, and after a couple of years, we discontinued the touring and most of our playing all together. It wasn’t viable to continue playing in places that didn’t even have air conditioners for such meagre  pay. Still, we made some beautiful memories together, and I wouldn’t give up that time for anything.

               I guess it’s better to try a lot of creative outlets when someone is young, because an occupation or a career can take over with age. When responsibilities come along, these opportunities are harder to engage in. so it’s great to do them before the demands of a job and financial restraints set in. Now, when I play music, it’s all for fun. We do it in my garage,and we do a little bit of recording as well.. It’s completely air conditioned, so we don’t have to spend our evenings in smoky bars without cooling systems, anymore.

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