The other day, we made the choice to go out trick or treating. My lady asked me a most peculiar question. She asked if I honestly needed all that candy, and I couldn’t believe she was asking since it was Halloween. I think she had a good point though, because too much candy is unquestionably not very healthy for you, especially not for your teeth. I legitimately wasn’t going to eat it all on my own. I offered her some candy although she didn’t care to have any. I remember before we left, I turned the furnace off to save the energy bill a little bit. When we got back though, the furnace wasn’t producing all that much heat. It was now working a little bit but not nearly as much as it should have. It was starting to become freezing inside of the property. I wasn’t trying to call for emergency service, so I decided to call a Heating and A/C technician in the day. When a Heating and A/C worker finally showed up to my property, he discovered that my air filter was rather clogged and the ductwork needed to be cleaned out… He had the needed tools on hand plus some quality air filters. So he got a fresh air filter installed and cleaned out the ductwork with this absurd tiny vacuum tool. I’ve never seen anything at all like it, but it was undoubtedly effective in cleaning out the ductwork. The before and after pictures he took of the ductwork were easily amazing to me. I honestly couldn’t believe how nasty it was. It was no wonder heated air had trouble flowing through the air vents. Before the Heating and A/C worker left, I offered him a bit of candy.