I had a long journey south last weekend for a work conference… They offered to cover my airline ticket to the conference, however I absolutely wanted to make the road trip instead. It was 8 hours south, plus in a completely new place for me! Flying is enjoyable, however you miss so much of the scenery along the way. I left early the morning before the conference, because I wanted time that evening to check everything out in the area! When I was about 40 miles away from my hotel, when traffic came to a stop. This wouldn’t have been so terrible, if I actually had working A/C to keep me perfectly cool. The A/C in my motorcar hadn’t been functioning for quite some time, however the breeze outside consistently cooled me down. After being stopped in traffic for about 20 minutes without any A/C in the least, I turned on the stereo plus listened to the local news station. The announcer explained that a truck had overturned plus spilled hundreds of gallons of oil all over the roadway, plus was currently taking up both lanes of the road. Officials were doing their best to fix the issue, however the road was closed plus we’d be waiting around for many hours to come. This was the worst thing that could’ve happened to me! Here I was, totally stuck in 90 degree temperatures with extreme humidity, trying to stay cool while crammed between other cars. Because I had no A/C relief, I had to take off my shirt just to keep my upper body cool. I sat in the heat for nearly 5 hours, plus didn’t make it to my hotel in time to get out plus explore like I wished to.