Several years ago my partner and I decided to buy an ancient victorian lake property in the northeast space of the country.  We loved old properties and planned to make it our first major fixer upper. We closed on the property in October and soon settled in for our first Wintertime in the current “old” home. The Heating & A/C equipment for the property was not too old however it just didn’t seem to heat the place all the time.  There were unquestionably freezing spots near the windows and doors all over the house. My partner and I set out to remedy this in the best way we could. We went to the local hardware store and purchased a whole lot of weather strips and door sweeps that were designed to keep the freezing air from seeping in through the cracks under the doors.  It took us several afternoons however we were finally able to finish our task of weatherproofing our old property. We used the felt and plastic weather strips to seal the old double hung windows and also installed a rubber weather stip under practically all the doors in the property. The result was easy to notice almost instantaneously. The lake property felt warmer and both of us did not notice the frigid spots near the windows and a majority of the doors.  The real proof was when we received our first utility bill after both of us had installed all the weatherproofing throughout the property. It was a very significant amount of savings. The cost was not very pricey to purchase the materials and they were incredibly easy to install. We felt it was a great way to be more comfortable in the Wintertime and do some easy projects around the property.