Just the other afternoon, my wife plus I went into this new fast food joint. All we wanted was a burger, fries, plus a shake. So both of us ordered our food plus both of us got a nice large plate of fries, and what was really unfortunate was there was no ketchup to be found. I asked for ketchup plus I was in total shock when they really said they had run out of ketchup. I figured they had to have tons boxes full of ketchup somewhere, however they were not able to deliver us with any in the least. The other thing that I soon noticed was it was incredibly overheated inside of the fast food joint. I asked if they could adjust the thermostat in the venue, plus they said the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C equipment was temporarily out of order. They claimed they already called for Heating, Ventilation plus A/C service. I couldn’t even believe all of this was happening plus it really put a major damper on our meal. The burgers were not so bad, however the fries separate from having any ketchup was disappointing. I just added a little salt plus ate them anyway, however ketchup would have helped tremendously. We ate our food hastily since it was so overheated in the venue. I just wished that they had working A/C when my wife plus I went there to eat. Because both of us had such an awful experience, I figured both of us would not be going back anytime soon in the future. Seriously now, what fast food venue doesn’t have ketchup as well as reliable A/C equipment? I wrote an online review about our visit that afternoon because I felt they should have at least been able to deliver us with some ketchup. I really believe they did have it, however were likely holding out on us for some weird reason.