Just last week, my kids wanted to go out to the park! The thing about it was, it was snowing! They just wanted to go out there and play in the snow. I thought it would be fine if they just played outside but they insisted that we head all the way to the park. The roads were a little bit icy and slippery, but we managed to get to the park just fine. My kids were out there making snow angels, building snow forts, and making snowmen. It was absolutely a pleasant time, and it was pretty nice out that way. It sure was freezing though and I didn’t really know how much longer I could last separate from the heat from our furnace back at our property. Finally when I said it was time to go, the kids were a little bit upset about leaving… When they got into the car, I blasted the heater and we made the decision to go back to our property. It was so nice to be welcomed by the warming heat from our furnace… Even the kids had to agree that they were pretty frosty. It was nice to just warm back up again. I made all the kids some excellent hot cocoa and we watched a comical film. It was just a nice relaxing night spending some quality time with the family. My wife asked after the film if I could pick up a few things from the store. So I went with the heating system blasting in the car once again. I got the things and made it back to our property in no time. It was nice again being greeted by the pleasant warmth inside of our place. My wifey was then able to make some peach cobbler, which was a pleasant treat! All of us even had vanilla ice cream to go with it!

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