Our driveway is a virtual skating rink, right now.  My husband refuses to buy any more rock salt this season because he says that it is damaging the asphalt. We keep shoveling but when the sun melts the top layer and then it turns to ice at night, there isn’t much we can do about it. Just this past Wednesday, we had four inches of snow, and an inch of ice on top of it.  It has been raining most of the morning, now, and the ground is frozen, so the snow isn’t melting. If we don’t get it off the drive when it falls, it just adds to the ice pack. Whenever we are out for long periods of time I make sure and turn the thermostat up so that we can get warm quickly. There is always a risk of frostbite from prolonged exposure to the cold and thankfully, our HVAC system works very well to make us feel warm quickly. We have a forced air system to we have the rack for the coats, gloves, and scarves over the top of one of the floor vents.  This allows them to dry out and warm up for the next time we need to venture out. My husband spent an hour breaking up ice, so we could get out the door, and he came in chilled. I turned up the thermostat and I fixed him some warm peach cider. It is only December, but, I am hoping this cold weather ends soon. We do have a temporary melt now and again, and that helps, but it will just freeze again. This is normal December weather, for where we live. It just seems like the snow melts too slowly and the flowers take forever to come out. Once they do, however, I am thrilled to peices to see Spring arrive.

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