My fiance as well as I don’t go out to eat at extravagant diners absolutely often but for our anniversary we tend to go somewhere absolutely nice to celebrate.  We made reservations as well as planned for a relaxing night out. On the night of our dinner we arrived at the diner on time as well as were ready for a really nice meal.  As we were shown to our table, I noticed that the room was a tad bit warm as well as stuffy. We took our seats as well as realized that the whole place was absolutely warm as well as it began to become uncomfortable.  I needed to take off my coat just to be comfortable. My fiance was wiping her forehead with her linen napkin. Just after that we noticed a Heating as well as A/C supplier truck pull up to the establishment as well as several guys hopped out as well as entered the building.  The director hurried to greet them as well as showed them quickly to the back. The room continued to be overly warm as well as uncomfortable. When our waiter came to the table, I asked about the heat as well as he told us that the air conditioning had failed as well as was just now being repaired.  We noticed that several of the dinner clients were looking totally uncomfortable as well as a few even left separate from eating. We are aged diehards as well as made the decision to stick it out. After a few hours we could entirely feel the cool air coming from the HVAC ducts near our table. This was absolutely welcome cool air.  Soon the Heating as well as A/C servicemen came from the back as well as briefly spoke with the director of the diner. He looked absolutely chirpy as well as shook the professionals’ hands in a sign of thanks. We were able to enjoy our anniversary dinner with the help of some high-spirited heating ventilation as well as air conditioning professionals saving the whole evening.

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