For my entire life, my brother and I have always been extremely competitive with each other. We would always race everywhere when we were little. We would see who could jump the furthest. We would play some mean games of basketball often on opposite teams. When we were older, we both would always try to add nice upgrades to our households. When I added a nice garden in my backyard, my brother made an even larger garden in his yard. When he added this amazing HVAC system to his home, I thought I needed to upgrade my HVAC system to a much nicer one. He had this rapid heating and cooling system which I thought was nice and of course I was jealous. I decided to get radiant heated flooring though! When he came over and experienced that radiant heated flooring, he was quite amazed. I also upgraded my A/C with the rapid cooling. The ductwork was so much smaller and easier to work with. I absolutely loved it. Then my brother added another section to his house which had to cost a fortune. At the time, I was beat because I couldn’t afford anything like that at that time. Even though we were so competitive, we still loved each other and laughed everything out at the end of the day. I was really impressed with his new addition and of course, he installed radiant heated flooring inside. I told him that next year, I was gonna match him on that new addition to his property. Perhaps my wife and I would decide to have a kid as well!