I can’t wait to finally marry the boyfriend and begin a life together!  It hasn’t been anything more weird than we’re used to, since we began dating and were in a long distance relationship from the start.  We met on a dating locale and he pursued his work on the west coast while I kept achieving a professional goal in the southern US. We usually had long weekends when we would visit each other at our homes and show the other around the cities we liked, however a major hurdle was figuring out how to deal with temperature control while a one  us was away from their house. It sounds ridiculous, however programming the temperature control for the long weekend just didn’t job well for us. We were wasting money paying for heating and cooling temperature control when we weren’t at the house to enjoy it. Try as we might to plan accordingly, there was consistently late flights or longer timeframes away when our Heating, Ventilation and A/C systems were working hard with no a single at apartment to enjoy the temperature control.  After a lot of researching, I found a plan to prevent this waste. We each bought a smart temperature control and installed it with an app through our smart Phones and kindles. Now, We can program our thermometer precisely and to the exact hour we arrive back apartment so we don’t have to worry about extra energy bills. It’s been such a relief to feel that we had this money saving plan targeted to our energy expenditure. Afterall, we have a wedding to plan!

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