Last time I wrote I was telling you about the developmental moment of my life. It was the one that sent me on a career journey that took me away from my home island to the US, where I now manage my own business. It was a completely different life than I pictured. I didn’t suppose that I would do anything else besides fishing, owning a boat, plus raising a family. My whole family had done that. But then in the junk behind my apartment, I came across that battered plus beaten old air conditioning unit. I taught myself how to repair it, plus soon after I got some textbooks on HVAC repairs. I researched everything I could about heating plus cooling systems, which was undoubtedly hard to do on that island. When I could learn no more, I came to America to study at a trade school After all my self teaching through my childhood, I made through the class, did great the test, plus found a job as an HVAC worker undoubtedly quickly. After that, my work ethic plus positive countenance helped me rise through the company until I began my own AC repair team plus fielding repair calls. I almost never do my own repair calls anymore because my HVAC repair plus installation corporation has grown so big, and I use my afternoons taking care of paperwork. But I do miss the old afternoons of manual labor.

a/c serviceman