I went to visit see my cousin Brian a few weeks back for labor day.  Brian and I had all these good plans for what the weekend would look like and the two of us were so happy about this.  Brian and I wanted to go for a stroll on the beach, go in the hot tub, go out to have a few drinks and just relax at the beach for a bit. All of those things came to a sliding halt when right all of the sudden the temperature in Brian’s house started to go way up.  Before Brian and I knew it him and I were both covered in our own filth just standing inside. Brian and I needed to figure out the issue real quick. Brian and I discovered that when his a/c turned on, sizzling air was really being pushed through those HVAC ducts. Brian and I both went to his lawn to see if the two of us could deduce if anything looked weird on the a/c unit, however we had no luck.  Next, Brian and I decided to make the call to an Heating and A/C specialist so him and I didn’t waste anymore time and could be spent relaxing in a nice cool house again as soon as we could. When the Heating and A/C specialist came to his door and opened up the unit, he had only bad news for the two of us. Somehow the AC compressor had been totally ruined beyond repair!

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