It is the middle of summer and blazingly hot out, and my old parents have just called to say they can’t get the air conditioning in their home to work correctly.  Other than changing their air filters for them, I’m not sure what else to check.  I googled online to get some information about what to check other than just the air filters.  The article informed myself that I should check the outside component for any sticks, excess dirt, or anything else that might be hindering the Air Conditioning component from running, but first off checking the breakers. After my partner, Steve did those things, the cool air was still not coming through the air conditioning vents.  I think both of us have no choice, but to call for the air conditioning technician to come by to check the Air Conditioning system from top to bottom. The two of us set an appointment for the next morning since they still had a full hot morning of heat with no cool air conditioning system, Steve in addition to I took them to a nice diner for lunch in addition to then back to our cabin for a cooler, air conditioned night.  The next day, the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning specialist was right on time in addition to being ready to work.  He checked out everything from the thermostat to the air conditioner itself and then went upstairs into the attic to check the ductwork. The Heating in addition to Air Conditioning specialist was able to pinpoint the problem quickly, when he absolutely saw the holes in the ductwork. For better air quality in the home, the ductwork must be free of tears or holes.

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