My fingers and toes get terrible circulation so they get cold quite easily. I never knew this until I talked to a doctor who told me I had a circulation problem, I always just thought I had inexplicably cold digits. When it gets frigid out, I always double up on our socks. I also just recently had to get new mittens because mine finally wore through last year. Lately though I have decided I am tired of having to wear all these extra layers around the house. It’s my own place and it should be comfortable, so I know I will upgrade our central Heating and Air Conditioning idea to incorporate radiant heated flooring into our home. Some of my friends have it and, after experiencing it, I couldn’t say no. It is amazing. Hot water pipes installed under the wooden floorboards that pump the water through the whole house. This way, the warmest part is your feet, but then the rises to fill the entire house. I plan on keeping our central furnace, too, because I’ll do whatever it takes now to keep my feet warm! Proper heating is always worth it, if you ask me. And the ability to simply pop out of bed and step onto a radiant heated floor without putting on socks and slippers will be an excellent new change for me. I understand that this will be a massive charge for such a sizable Heating and Air Conditioning upgrade, as well have an increase in our yearly energy costs, however I know our feet are worth it.

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