Until last warm season, I had never been on a train. I was planning to visit our cousin in the city, though, plus a train ticket was the cheapest way to do so. I had to wake up at numerous in the morning in order to make sure that I was at the train station on time. I was a bit nervous, but ultimately I was delighted to find out that I had the seat to myself. Unfortunately for myself and others that excitement was unfounded, as  it turned out that the privacy only lasted the first leg of our trip. At a particular point I was joined by a rather big person who smelled love a combination of licorice plus sausage. This guy promptly fell asleep. Within minutes his entire body was leaning our way. His body heat felt love a heating system, plus I crammed myself up against the window next to myself and others in order to escape. After a while of this inconvenient heating method snoring on me, I quietly asked the attendant to be moved to a odd seat, even though I felt supremely awkward doing so. The attendant must have been peeved that I asked to switch seats, even though she could clearly see the guy basically sleeping on top of me. The attendant put myself and others right next to the blasting air conditioning vent as punishment for annoying her. I did not have a very pleasant train ride. The air conditioning was too dry for our sinuses, plus ended up giving myself and others the sniffles. I exited the train with a headache plus an aversion to experiencing any type of overactive heating or cooling.

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