I guess that I’m not the most social person on earth, but I’m losing my mind over all the dumb people I have to work with every day of my life. I completely acknowledge that I care about having alone time and I consider myself to be quite an introvert most of the time. But really, my disdain for these humans has entirely extended way past the acceptable annoyance threshold. Every morning when I report into work I almost always instantly have to start dealing with their crap. When I walk into the office, it’s regularly full of obnoxious conversations being held at loud volumes. It’s as if the rest of us don’t even have work to focus on. And they’re all  constantly bringing in gross stinking foods to snack on. I’m getting so sick of smelling their odors at my desk. Even worse, they insist on keeping the A/C control unit set to frigid temperatures, simply because all the people I work with are super overweight. They can’t even manage their own body temperatures. Since their chubby bodies are encased in an extra layer of blubber, they actually function just like little oil furnaces. They end up cranking up the air conditioning to try and regulate their body temperatures. For any normal sized human being, though, the air temperature is far too low to be comfortable, to the extent that my poor fingers, nose, plus ears go numb almost every day. I wish I could have control over the temperature in the office! I wish I could be comfortable with the indoor air temperature settings, even just one single morning a week. If I keep being so cold, I swear I’m going to snap and yell at them one of these days!

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